Sterling Silver & Gold Ball Bracelet - 6mm
      Sterling Silver & Gold Ball Bracelet - 6mm

      Elevate your style with our Sterling Silver & Gold Ball Bracelet. The 6mm ball design exudes elegance and sophistication, while the mix of silver and gold adds a touch of luxury. Upgrade your jewelry collection with this stunning bracelet.

      Sterling Silver naturally tarnishes (turns brown or black). Exposure to chemicals found in pools, hot tubs and even the ocean can react to the silver causing it to tarnish more rapidly. For that reason, we suggest you take off your jewelry before going into a pool/hot tub/ocean.

      In addition, various household products contain Sulphur which is very corrosive and should be avoided. Mustard, mayonnaise, rubber, steel wool..etc. are all examples of products that should not come into contact with your silver.

      To polish your sterling silver jewelry, avoid using clothing, towels or tissues to polish jewelry. Its abrasive qualities can scratch your jewelry. Instead, use a generic microfiber cloth to remove scuffing.

      Regularly clean your jewelry using mild soap and water. Do not scrub!

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