Gold Filled Beaded Necklace 18"-20"
      Gold Filled Beaded Necklace 18"-20"

      Experience elegance and timeless beauty with our Gold Filled Beaded Necklace. Made with high-quality materials, this necklace is 18-20 inches in length, making it a versatile addition to any outfit. Elevate your style and exude confidence with this stunning piece.

      To polish your gold-filled jewelry, avoid using clothing, towels or tissues to polish jewelry. Its abrasive qualities can scratch your jewelry. Instead, use a generic microfiber cloth to remove scuffing.

      Regularly clean your jewelry using mild soap and water. Do not scrub!

      While the products are more durable than plated products, they are still metal that can be scratched and dull over time. To keep them shiny, consider limiting wear to activities that won’t scratch the surface of the bracelet.

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