Sizing Information

The struggle is real with clothing these days.

No brand has straightforward sizing and you can buy the same size in the same brand… and it fits completely differently (eye roll).

With that in mind, we are sharing the general sizing sheet to help you know the general size of things at a quick glance.

So pay attention the the clothing descriptions. The notes I make in them are the best thing to go by! I try on every piece that I bring in and will note if sizing up or down is the best way to go with the fit of the piece.

The photos are also taken in the shop on real bodies of people I know, this will help you get a great sense of how it fits on a body that may be similar to yours.

I want you to feel CONFIDENT with ordering online, so you have 30 DAYS till a return has to be shipped back to us. That allows you to try it on a few times at home to make sure it’s the right fashion piece for you. Just leave those tags on, keep it free of stains and in brand new condition (it has to still feel/ look/ smell like it’s fresh off the rack)!

Any questions, please feel free to message me at or on our Instagram page KurvyKoutureCo. And I will help as best as I can.