Your body is good! And if you didn’t know… it always has been!

Our clothes don’t wear us, we wear them. So we should feel confident, comfortable, sexy, elegant, powerful, passionate and amazing in the clothes we put on.

Every piece I bring into the store is brought in with that in mind. The sparkle it brings to your eyes, the smile that fills your face, the look of you knowing YOU ARE ROCKING THIS OUTFIT! That you are beautiful.

I have been a kurvy girl my entire life and I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember. But I know how the knot in the gut feels when you walk into a store knowing the accessories are the only thing you can get excited about. Knowing that they most likely don’t have your size or the cut in their clothing was NOT MADE FOR KURVES.

Feeling confident in my skin has not been with me for very long. The healing journey of learning to love our bodies is a hard thing when society keeps telling us our bodies are to be picked apart instead of embraced.

So get ready for the most incredible journey of healing, growing and loving who you are.

xoxo Tasha

PS. Want to ask a question or become friends, just send me an email anytime at: contact@kurvykoutureco.com