Gray Haus

Our Story

We are Kaili & Kelsey - the women behind Gray Haus and real life bag ladies.

A surprising, fast friendship and the recognition that sometimes opposites really do attract lead us into an exciting new partnership with a fresh path for Gray Haus in 2023.


we can make a difference in the way we do things differently

Our designs are made from the very best vegan, cruelty-free leather. At Gray Haus, we believe that sustainability goes beyond the use of animal-free materials. Every decision we make is an ethical and moral choice to do better for our greater community. We are minimizing our contribution to the global fashion waste crisis by designing capsule wardrobe styles that will outlive all fast fashion trends. Our bags and accessories that will look well-loved well before they are worn out.

Beyond our products themselves we have made global and social impact a driving force behind our operations:

-using Canada Post to ship domestic and international orders whenever possible

-use of minimal waste, recyclable or compostable packaging

-tree-free (made from cotton linters) Thank You tags that can be recycled

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